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Arlene gerofsky “caminos apartados” photo exhibition

Estepona City Council informs that Room 2 of the House of Las Tejerinas, located in the Plaza de las Flores, will host from next Wednesday, February 19, at 7:00 p.m., the exhibition of photographs "Caminos Apartados" by ARLENE GEROFSKY.

In this exhibition, composed of a total of 34 works, and can be visited until March 3 from Tuesday to Friday, from 08:00 to 20:00 hours, and Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00 and from 16: 00 to 20:00 hours, with free access. Closed Monday.

ARLENE MARILYN GEROFSKY has worked as an English teacher, and is already retired. He has spent the last years moving to Spain in winter and returning to his home in Canada during the spring.

Traveling is one of his great passions, and his main hobbies include writing and photography, of which he has been interested for many years; This art captivated her when her husband set up a "darkroom" development, before the commercialization of the digital camera.

At the beginning, he focused on family photos, but over time he became increasingly attracted to photographing another aspect of God's creation: the different stages of nature.

Autumn is his favorite time, as evidenced by the images of his exhibition. Canadian autumn is especially beautiful. He says to get excited when he enters a forest or in the middle of nature, and plunges into the deep stillness. Surrounded by the vibrant colors of the leaves, the shadows, the light that dances among the trees, "I experience peace." The need to capture the beauty that surrounds me becomes a transcendent force, says the author.

According to Arlene, “the same feeling invades me when I am in the presence of old houses or farms. It is true that many are beautiful in their novelty and integrity, but I am attracted to abandoned or ruined houses. I observe beauty in the decomposition and assimilation in the nature of these buildings that were solid in their time. Where others can look at these dilapidated structures and see sadness, I see lives, some well lived, others maybe not, I imagine children playing, shopkeepers loaded with freshly washed clothes swaying pleasantly in the gentle breeze. I hear the distant echo of tears and laughter. ”

“These structures are a metaphor of life. In them, I perceive a return to the inevitable.

For some ... sadness and fear.

For me… a loving Creator. ”

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