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Farándula theater with the play la extraña pareja

Estepona City Council reports that next Friday, February 14, coinciding with the celebration of Valentine's Day, the Municipal Theater Group "Farrandula" of Estepona presents "The Strange Couple!", A play by Neil Simon directed by Luque, and starring Miguel López and Rafa Alijas. It will be from 8:00 p.m., at the Father Manuel Cultural Center, with the performances of David Martín, Rafael Souvirón, Javi Flores, Miguel Aragón, Desiré Pérez and Mercedes Bazán.

One question, is sharing a flat with your best friend a great idea? For almost two hours, we can verify that it is not such a great plan.

Synopsis. New York, summer 1968. The divorced Oscar Madison, a perfect disaster, reveler, vividor and accustomed to subsisting in chaos, opens the doors of his home to Felix Ungar, his best friend, depressed for having been abandoned by his wife, tired of her hypochondria and her mania for cleanliness and order.

Although the expectations of coexistence are promising, as the days go by, opposite and incompatible personalities wreak havoc on that relationship. Only Friday poker games with friends or the desire to date the two attractive sisters who live in the same building, get them out of the routine. Both are a calamity in their own way, and although they complement each other, they are not supported. A sample of human relationships, need, loneliness, understanding, support and, above all, conflicts, many conflicts.

Finally, another question: Do you identify with which of the two, with Oscar or with Felix? "

Collaboration: € 3.

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