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Workshop / introduction to 3d modeling with blender

Estepona City Council informs that next Saturday, February 15, a free workshop on “Introduction to 3D modeling with Blender” will be held from 11:00 to 13:00, by Wilbber Hernández, who will teach attendees to use the basic tools of Sculpture, Modeling and Rendering of Blender.

The tour of the activity will begin by knowing blender (multiplatform open source application), its uses and potentials, and then the speaker will discuss 3D modeling and its different types: Organic, Hard surface, low poly, High definition, among others, to end with a demonstration of live modeling of a simple object, showing the workflow within the application.

Since 2012, W. Hernández collaborates as an academic and teaching coordinator with the creation and development of training programs for the Bachelor of Mixed Media and Multimedia Arts at the University of Arts of Venezuela, where he has participated in various artistic creation projects, proposing 3D modeling, html5 code, css3 and design apps as creative extension tools to make art and humanize technology.

He is currently developing continuous research to facilitate the approach of man to new technologies and study his impact on art and the development of being.

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